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If you did this here YOU WOULD BE THE ONE IN PRISON!
Absolutely I accept what you are saying; never forget we were military professionals working with 'rules of engagement' and the practice I mentioned was within our ROEs.

Amazing, isn't it, that the law is so different in our 2 countries?

We were deemed to still be under threat from the car jackers because he were near the front of the car and about to get run over by them; we were, I imagine, exploiting a legal grey area because there was no way we were going to allow anyone to car jack us.

I imagine the thing about 'if they twitch shoot them' may be more applicable than you think. If a person with a pistol had just car jacked you; and inside the car they made a move that you honestly believed was a prelude to them shooting you, we were perfectly entitled to shoot them. Is that the case in the USA?
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