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Double Naught Spy,

The linked article only described the firearm as: "a .22-caliber rifle".
That could be anything from a bolt action .22 rim fire to an AR15 which fires a 5.56x39 center fire cartridge which is much more powerful. Also, the AR15 is often referred to by the "antis" as an Assault Weapon! OMG!

We should not assume what the weapon was. The article should identify it. I'd like to know if an "Assault Weapon" was used to defend a home. If so, it would be nice to use this information when someone states that assault weapons are useless to law abiding people. But I can't because the article does not tell us what the rifle was.

I would like to know how the invaders gained entry. Might learn something from someone's mistake.

The article does state: "The 15-year-old will not be charged because his actions are considered justifiable homicide, according to sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris." I am not a reporter. But, I have seen reporters dig for more from authorities to get more than a statement. I would like to know the reasoning behind this. I live in Georgia and would like all the information I can get of this type, that I don't have to spend blood or money to get.

The article did answer who, when and where; but in my opinion failed to answer what and why.
What was the weapon used to defend the home?
Why did the sheriff's department decide this was a justified shooting?

I am not passing judgment on the actions of the people involved in the shooting. I really want to know those facts about this incident.
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