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State Prosecutor Gonna Hang Me on This?

I live in the "guns kill people" state of Illinois. Being optimistic about some form of concealed-carry passing, I have been auditioning some pistols. I own a Glock G-21SF so naturally I gave the gave the G-26, and G-27 a test drive. Both are on the top of my list. My problem lies in what I'd like to do to either pistol. I performed the typical (yes I messed w/ Perfection) rubbing on rough edges of my Glock's inner workings resulting in a smoother trigger. I would like to do the same to either carry pistol along with installing NY1 trigger spring for a preferred heavier, more consistent pull. I tried the NY1 spring in my G-21SF and liked the resulting trigger. My concern is how either or both would/could be handled by a prosecuting attorney. Would either/both be labeled as "crazy - half-cocked-un-safe-gun-tampering"? The NY1 trigger spring is a Glock factory part but not sure if that even matters. I could probably be talked into leaving Glock innards as Gaston wanted them, but the NY1 trigger spring would be a deal killer for a Glock CCW. I would appreciate your input.
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