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However the disavantage of cup and core bullets with boattail bullets far outweigh any advantage.
I have yet to see a deer that can take a 150 grain SGK, launched at 2900 f/sec, to the chest at any range form 20 feet to a measured 460 yards (and one a bit further than that, though we had no range finder that day) and not die in very short order..... on most of the hits under 75 yards, the bullet did come apart. This was a feature, not a bug, on frontal shots- a more solid bullet would have made a mess of things- as it happened, none of the frontal shots penetrated beyond the diaphram .... dead deer, no crappy mess.

The boat-tailed bullets extend my effective range out a bit- not an improtant factor for most situations in the Eastern US ..... out West, shots can be longer. You may not need that extra 100 yards, but it is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
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