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Speaking of flawed logic. Using that logic I would be wearing body armor with trauma plates. But I can't because it's inconvenient and stupid.

If a gun gets uncomfortable or inconvenient to carry there is a risk that a person will stop carrying it due to this. So which would you rather compromise, the convenience and comfort of no extra mags and a smaller caliber or going totally unarmed?

I have two carry guns, one is much more concealable than the other. One is more comfortable for driving. One has more capacity, another is a larger caliber. I practice drawing with both of them. I've never had a problem with this. Having different guns for different situations is totally understandable to me. Now obviously there is a line where this is detrimental, but I don't see a problem.
I was not talking about changing guns due to comfort but situation. Also people who might change the amount of ammo they might carry due to where in town/city they might go.
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