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I dump separated brass into a screened pan, wash with sprayer head of shower or sink, tumble whole lot in a beach towel, put back into screened pan and finish with wife's hair dryer.

If primers are out before wash, drying goes quickly with air flow thru.
Then I set out overnight to air dry in house which is dry in winter-time, bag in morning.

Whole process, rinse thru hair dryer, is about 5 minutes.

I am working on another blower motor that will air tumble the brass with volume to dry cases. Will add pictures if it works.
I have heard of people tossing the brass into a pillow case with a couple of towels, tying the end shut and tossing it into a clothes dryer. To me that seems like it is way too hard on the case mouths though, even for pistol brass. I would never tumble a case meant for precision reloading, I want the case mouths as uniform as possible.

A fan blowing on it overnight worked well enough, I have more 223, 9mm and 45 brass than I could possibly ever load in a day. I am working through in batches. My bolt gun cases never hit the ground so I just give them a wipe off with a bit of Neverdull and a paper towel. If I was in a hurry I have a heat gun which is a hair dryer on steroids for those not familiar with them.
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