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Thanks to all of you. I really do appreciate the input.

It's possible value and origin(s) is a curiosity thing. I am a Patersonaholic and had been looking for a nice one for probably three years or so until I found this piece. I consider this gun, unless and until I learn different, to be a one of a kind and that has to count for something. I have seen several Pietta and Uberti Patersons on GB and bid on a couple but lost. A used Uberti brought over a grand and I have seen a couple of Piettas bring $600.00+ when Cabelas is offering them NIB for $525.00. (although I have had one on backorder for nearly 3 months so maybe they are just "vapor ware"). LOL

In any case the gun was not and is not for sale, and may never be until I am taking the eternal dirt nap. I don't shoot any of my collection except a SS 1858 New Army which is easy to load and clean. The others are all safe queens.

By the way the barrel on this gun measures 8 1/2 inches from the end to the face of the cylinder. Is that what you would call a 9" barrel?
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