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My idea of knockdown

For most people it seems Knockdown and Stopping Power is the same thing. Lets assume that's true, because the required result is the same: namely the target falls over or is immediately stopped in its tracks. I studied the Thread on knockdown and saw the mythbusters video which explains it very well. I noted the baseball knocked the dummy down as good as any rifle. I know of a school teacher hit in the testicles by a baseball and he went down immediately and stayed down for quite a while. I have many formula's which are supposed to reflect Knockdown/stopping Power. The two with the most merit (because the have a game chart is Taylor's and Thornily. I have read that in Taylor's formula a baseball rates like an Elephant gun. A baseball will transfer energy but it doesn't penetrate or behave like a bullet. So what do I know.
1. There is a 15% chance of hitting head or spine on a human target for instant stop.
2. Otherwise a human may continue to advance/fight for a further 10-15 seconds or more.
3. A more powerful gun will not increase the 15% stop chance but it will almost certainly reduce the advance/fight time frame.
What these formulas are supposed to do is rate firearms. Which is best I don't know but none of them try to tell you a 22 is a good elephant gun. What they all do is suggest which gun in a list is more likely to instantly or very quickly stop a target.
Martin & Osa Johnson on Safari (1900ish) . Osa shot a Rhino (in self defence during filming). She used a Winchester 405. Taylor/Thornily numbers are 38(50-100)/168(250), numbers in brackets are the required numbers for a Rhino. Osa waited until the Rhino was about 25yds away and shot it between the eyes, it skidded to a halt at here feet. I feel she could have done the same thing with an M16 with AP bullets Taylor/Thornily = 5.8/30.6. Either way she knew she would have only one shot and given the choice would have chosen the Winchester.
Finally I don't. Know why the Knockdown thread was closed but suspect it was because the arguments were going round in circles. Read this and enjoy/agree/disagree, I would have set this up as a poll if I knew how to rather than start another circular argument.
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