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I'm with the gang on this one. When I carry a firearm, I like to keep the muzzle pointed AWAY from me. Call me superstitious.

I keep hearing the NRA in my ear with...

#1 ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
I'm unaware of "the gang" reaching a consensus on this. These conversations have also been had before, many times.

While I fully believe and support the rules, there is also a point where you have to draw a line in the sand.

I believe the rule above mainly applies to guns held and handled, and which have an actual possibility of being fired. As such, where do you draw the line? Do you not wear shoulder holsters because they point the gun at people behind you? Do you not go above the first floor of a building because a belt holster points the gun at the floor and hence at people below the floor? How about a gun rack in the back of a truck- they point the gun at anything next to the truck. No one would ever carry IWB and especially not AIWB.

And that beat goes on. How far are you willing to go with it?

I have a friend that works for the local PD and he was telling me on sunday that one of the departments off duty officers managed to have in accidental discharge of his ruger lcp in his back pocket and cause minor damage to his gluteus maximus
I'd be interested in hearing the details. I could speculate that his finger went inside the trigger guard as he was attempting to take it out of the pocket. Although with the long trigger pull I would wonder why he didn't catch it and stop before it reached the break point. Can you possibly get the specifics?

Bill- don't you think both of those examples are on the extreme side of things and unlikely to happen to your average person carrying with safe gear?

But a gun worn on the body is not isolated and "by itself". The human body is dynamic and moves. It bends, twists & moves. The body encounters external forces from time to time, such as bumping a table, chair or car door. We stand up and sit down often, get in and out of cars often. We carry things at or near waist level, such as grocery sacks. We run up and down stairs which can loosen small guns in their holsters. We may engage in a fight, struggle or wrestling match before needing to draw the gun. We can trip and fall down. Some pistols can (and have) had their safeties disengaged just from daily activities. Once that happens, if the muzzle points to a body part, injury and/or disaster lurk close by.
If you're going to go this far in your interpretation, see my comments above- are you going to isolate yourself from civilization? If you're truly worried about these things happening, stay home or just don't ever carry a gun out in public. There is reasonable, and there is reasonable. How far are you going to go?
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