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MellowToYou: How did the invaders gain entrance?
Who were the occupants and how many were in the apartment which was invaded?
What was the weapon used to defend? ".22-caliber rifle" is the inadequate description? It could be a rimfire or any of a number of 22 caliber center fire cartridges.
How or why is shooting the invader in the back justified in this case?
I read the article of the OP. Had this happened in Texas would have been the same result. The BG might have been shot in the back when he turned to run out. Too late if he is inside the home. In fact if he had ran outside the with some loot and got shot in the back would not have mattered in Texas. Could be different in Georgia. Hope that in the future
the occupants learned a lesson, ie. to stop the instruder coming in, instead of of discovering that two of them are already inside. I prefer a heavier calibre
weapon for h/d. Perhaps the other intruder learned a lesson too. He might consider plying his trade in another state, where homeowners can't defend themselves.
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