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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
Originally Posted by Spats McGee
The 4th Circuit decision can be cited as persuasive authority in district courts of other circuits.
Gene Hoffman has already said that this decision will be cited as an authority in all carry cases going forward.
I read the opinion in its entirety last night. It is both well-written and well-reasoned. If I were litigating 2A cases, I'd cite it, too!

Originally Posted by Tom Servo
The likely result? We'll have a 4th Circuit decision that conflicts with Moore in the 7th Circuit. That means it could be on its way to the Supreme Court next year.
That's what I was thinking. Judge Legg recognized that other circuits have gone off in the other direction on RKBA than he did, and there's a very real chance that this will create a split of authority.
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