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Originally Posted by Al Norris View Post
Oh, did I forget to mention that ยง 925 is not being funded? Get your application for relief of firearms disability, fill it out and send it in (with the required fee) and after a couple or three weeks, it will be returned to you (along with your uncashed check). A nice letter will accompany the return telling you that the program is not being funded by the Congress, so they can't even reject the application. It is merely returned.

The upshot of this, is that the Courts have already ruled that since the application was not denied, you don't have a claim before the court.
The case was UNITED STATES v. BEAN 537 U.S. 71 (2002).

I addressed this HERE literally years ago and got ZERO response from the members of this board. I still haven't found anyone willing to carry this thing forward. There is just no interest.

I originally addressed it HERE. Note the number of responses -- zero -- even though 92 members read the thread.
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