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The 4th Circuit decision can be cited as persuasive authority in district courts of other circuits.
Gene Hoffman has already said that this decision will be cited as an authority in all carry cases going forward.

Attorney General Fader said this evening that he plans on appealing, which will fast-track it to the 4th Circuit. Politically, he's expected to do so, but I'm guessing he knows he won't win. Legg's ruling uses Chester and Masciandaro to bolster his arguments, and I doubt they'll want to backpedal on those.

The likely result? We'll have a 4th Circuit decision that conflicts with Moore in the 7th Circuit. That means it could be on its way to the Supreme Court next year.

Over at CalGuns, Gray Peterson mentioned that a stay is unlikely to be granted, and that at the moment, Maryland is a shall-issue state. Hyperbole? Perhaps, but that apparently hasn't stopped folks from blowing up the phones at municipal offices statewide asking for applications
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