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Here's a quick "nutshell" summary of the important points of Canadian gun law, in a prior post I wrote in another thread:

I don't want to branch out too far into Canadian law here because (a) laws regarding confiscation of property are fundamentally different in Canada due to their substantially differing constitutional system, and (b) Canadian firearms law is, frankly, quite nonsensical and self-contradictory in many respects (check the LUFA* link in Tom Servo's post for more info).

*Footnote for those perusing the LUFA site who are unfamiliar with Canadian politics: "Liberal" in the context of the website generally refers to the center-left Liberal Party, one of three large political parties that dominate current Canadian politics. The others are the Conservative Party (center-right) and the National Democratic Party (far left). IOW "liberal" in Canada may refer to a party or a belief system. It's commonplace for Canadians to describe themselves as "liberal-with-a-small-L", i.e. "I have left-wing beliefs but I'm not a diehard Liberal Party supporter".
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