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Question..This is federal district court...for Maryland...does this case need to be appealed up one level to affect Washington DC? Or two levels?
It would need to be appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States to affect D. C. As it stands now, it mainly impacts this specific case; but it is progress.

I am wondering because of DC's sudden willingness to modify it's firearm law because of "pending court rulings" and the spotlight Emily Miller has put on their firearm's laws?
I think that has more to do with D.C.'s lawyers pointing out obvious problems in the D.C. law - and I am sure there were some practical difficulties with implementation as well. The crazier D.C. makes their laws, the easier it is for us to pick which one to attack and clarify the boundaries of the Second Amendment in our favor. D.C. likely decided to abandon some of the rules that were clearly not going to pass muster and avoid costly litigation/giving us that opportunity.

Edit to add second question: Do you think that DC will put political pressure on MD to try keep it from being appealed?
I think D.C. has plenty to worry about on there own; but I am sure the defendants in these various suits are communicating and discussing strategy.
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