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58 days

Squeaky clean record. Midwest region. Here's the timeline.

07JAN12 - Mailed application to BATF
13JAN12 - Credit card charged
23JAN12 - Official start of C&R application processing (according to help desk). Status is now "pending".
21FEB12 - Call to help desk attained the first-three and last-five digits of my future FFL number. Instructed to use these when calling back.
27FEB12 - Status still "pending".
29FEB12 - Status "approved and issued".
01MAR12 - License mailed to me.
05MAR12 - License received in mail.

Bottom line: 58 days round-trip to my mailbox in the midwest. Counting from the "charge" date, it was 7 weeks and 3 days.

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