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Oysterboy: What about vandalism? Like breaking out car windows?

Also you said nighttime so what about daytime?
Well what I quoted was the Texas Statute. More leeway is given for protecting property at night, in Texas it appears to me. I am not saying that this is right or wrong, just that the law in Texas does not require a person to be in fear of grave bodily injury or death before using deadly force. And this same person in another state, could face serious charges for using deadly force where the law is different. In the OP's posting the guy was in my opinion in fear of serious bodily injury or death because he fled to what he perceived a safe place, a police station. Of course people who don't agree with the laws in any state or free to move somewhere else, or work to have them changed. We as permit holders are have the obligation to know what they are where we live, I think.
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