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Problems replacing PT1911 extractor

Ok so Taurus sent me a new extractor for my PT1911ar and I'm trying to replace it. Now I've taken apart 1911 slides before but this one is puzzling me. Usually after I take off the firing pin plate and pull the firing pin/spring out the spring loaded pin that holds the extractor in would just pop out. This particular pin will not come out.

Anyone here experience this same problem or know of how to remove the pin so I can get the extractor out?

Ok never mind I got it out. Now I have another problem - the part that Taurus sent me is too large! Its no "drop in" part. Now I'm looking at having to grind down the part to make it fit - and as such grinding off the bluing. I have to say the craftsmanship of this part is pretty shoddy too.

If this is indicative of Taurus' quality then I don't think I'll be buying another Taurus semi-auto ever again.
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