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Your States Emergency Powers Act and Firearms. is going to add the states law on Emergency Powers and if the state has the right to confiscate firearms doing a Declared Emergency. I was just going to put YES or NO and the Alpha/Numeric code for the law but some states have things in their emergency powers law that people need to know. In GA for example the law is very explicit that if rescued you may have to give up your firearm until you are relocated and then they must return it to you. Some states say they can stop the selling of Guns, Ammo etc but can’t take the firearms you legally own at the time of the Emergency. I believe people need to know their states laws.

If you could assist me in this effort it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t need all the law. Just the Alpha/Numeric code for the law like 14-45-398 or where I can find it in the states code. I will look it up anyways to confirm and most likely put a link to the law so people can view the law for themselves. If you could post the states name and Code, Example: Georgia O.C.G.A. § 38-3-51 or email me the info at [email protected] that is all I need. Thank you for any assistance you can give in this matter. It is very much appreciated and will save me many hours of searching.
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