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Without knowing the kind of gun you'd be carrying it makes it problematic.

If you're just sitting there it's unlikely. It's when other things happen that accidents can happen. Remember, we should never rely on a safety mechanism in lieu of muzzle and trigger discipline.

If your mode of carry points the muzzle at some portion of your anatomy, with reliance on a safety mechanism to prevent a discharge, that's considered an unsafe method of carry.

A gun at 2 o'clock with the muzzle pointed at the thigh, for example. But if the gun is at 1-2 o'clock in a crossdraw format, with the muzzle clear of the body, that's considered safe (not withstanding the deficiencies of crossdraw carry).
Come on, Bill.

The gun or manual safety device does not matter. I was responding to what I saw posted, which was a questionable statement.

I can have my Glock AIWB at 2:00 and be perfectly safe. As long as I'm not playing with the trigger, and I CAN'T while it's properly holstered, there is no chance of a discharge. That's what I'm saying.

I can remember only one recent story about a gun discharging while IN the holster, and that was from a defective leather holster folding into the trigger guard.

Have you heard anything else about a discharge of a gun while in the holster. IN the holster, as was posted above.
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