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New Sig P290 [with pics vs. G19]

This weekend I picked up a new Sig P290. I wanted a concealed 9mm pistol and went to the store with my mind made up to buy a Beretta Nano or Ruger LC9. While the Sig P290 had been on my consideration set, I thought it would be too heavy compared to the Nano and Ruger. However, after shooting all three weapons, I fell in love with the Sig. The gun was much more accurate for me and I actually like the heft of the Sig more than I expected...felt more balanced than the Ruger and Beretta. The Nano also had several FTF during my testing, not instilling much confidence (granted it was a range gun).

The Sig cost me $499 and included two mags (one extended), laser, and holster. I believe the gun was on sale to make room for the updated version which is due out very soon. Sig is making some updates to the trigger, but I was willing to live with the gun as is. I only have about 100 rounds through the gun, but so far no issues with cheap range ammo.

Here are some pictures comparing the size of the P290 to my existing Glock 19.

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