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Opps, my C&R expired:

I haven't used my C&R license for years. I went to use it, but to my suprise, the thing has expired recently. I did not get a renewel notice or anything at all, despite not moving. I've had a C&R license since the late 1990's but I have never sold a gun since I have actually had the darn thing. It's not about having a massive supply of firearms, (since I don't) but more about wanting to be able to aquire one when I want, even through the mail.

When I get a new license:

1> I am assuming that I can't renew because it is expired. (Can't renew something that is gone.) Is the true?

2> Will the license number of the new FFL be the same?

I would rather have the same license number, so, I have been thinking about sending a copy of the expired FFL to the batf with the renewel notice. It is for convience.

Any thoughts?

Thank You
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