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I know I've read the rules but the main club I shoot at doesn't have any restrictions. Of course I'm not in any official league. Its just a bunch of guys who get together to shoot trap twice a week and some keep scores some don't.

The other two clubs I shoot at (once a week at each club) didn't mention anything either aside from also asking why I'm handicapping myself with a short gun and larger shot. That's also just open trap shooting too though.

None of the clubs I shoot at are facing roads or other residential areas. All of them own many acres of land behind the trap ranges that are typically the tail end of their rifle ranges so nobody is back there anyway. Nearest neighbor to any of the clubs is over a mile away in the direction we'd be shooting. Could be why nobody cares where I shoot.

I'm sure if I do graduate to official league they'll make me shoot 7.5 or smaller. Till then I'll continue to use shooting trap as practice for actual hunting. Now I just need to find a club that has a skeet range...
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