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mauser rifle id

I've got an 8mm Mauser that i'm havin g trouble identifying. It is not a 98k, has a straight bolt handle, wooden shroud surrounding the rear sight, and the steel ring in the butt end of the stock. It is a 3 position safety, 3 safety lugs, and cocks on opening the bolt. The only real marking on this rifle is kind of an A with almost like a flag marking underneath it with 1954 underneath it and these are both on top of the reciever. It also has a 1968 stampedo!n the side of the ring and a 98 th. Stamped on the side of the receiver. It also has what i've been told is a finnish cross on the underbelly of the stock just forward of the trigger guard/magazine plate. It also does have the typical model 98 trigger guard safety screws and the number 265 stamped on the base of the bolt handle. Any other inquiries please ask and if ANYONE has any input or info on this rifle I'd greatly appreciate it. It's deadly accurate with a very smooth action and tight tolerances. I can't post pics yet but meybe soon. Also any reference web sites would rock. Thank ya ladies and gents.
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