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Cops everywhere have greater legal authority than regular citizens. They also have greater responsibilities. They even get issued neat toys to play with, without the hassle and expense of extensive background checks, filling out multiple forms, paying a couple hundred dollars, and getting CLEO approval each time.

Of course, they don't "own" those guns, the dept does....

They get lots of other "perks" as well, compared to the rest of us. On the other hand, balance that with the pay, the working conditions, and the rest of it, is it really that important?

The principle that they are no more than us, other than their job is a good one, but is adhered to more in theory than in practice.

CA officers have found themselves in torturous legal ground over their personally owned guns, more than once. I believe some were even prosecuted for having an SKS (et al) when they turned them in, as required by law. Now, they want to codify an exemption. Fine for the cops, and another wedge driven between them and us. Some of "us" get jealous, you know...

That being said, I don't know where this particular discussion can go....

Remember that direct politics and disparagment are prohibited in this forum. And that includes sarcastic bashing of a state and the people in it.
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