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That looks very nice.

I believe it's worth more than what standard Patersons are going for, but without some better pictures, and some proofmarks to see if it's a Pietta, Uberti or some other maker, it's impossible to tell.

Are there any initials in the engraving? It's highly likely that it was engraved in Italy, but if by chance it was engraved here by a known engraver- that makes it worth more to followers of those engravers. Most of these reproductions are never marked with the engravers initials unfortunately. There is no way to tell the quality of the engraving from the photo quality.

Engraved contemporary firearms are a bit tricky to price. They sell for what someone is willing to pay. I've bought a couple of recently made revolvers (that were used) that were hand engraved by known US engravers (used) for songs as they've set on shelves in shops for quite some time. The vast majority of the shooting public just aren't attracted to engraved guns- or at least, attracted to paying a bit more for a work of art.

Just know that it may bring more, but not likely a significant amount.
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