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Originally Posted by Hermannr
COuntzerO, I do hope you were being sacastic??? As it is, WA CPL holders are also "untrained" and have been so for over 50 years (latest CPL version passed in 1961)

I wonder why all these other states with their "training" requirements don't notice, there is no blood running in the streets of WA. Oh yes, we have totally unlicensed OC too.
Ditto Pennsylvania. No training requirement for a License to Carry Firearm (LTCF). Unlicensed open carry legal everywhere in the state except within Philadelphia city limits. PA is right next door to NY and NJ, two states with some of the most restrictive firearms laws anywhere in the country, and the statistics for both accidental shootings attributed to CCW holders and crime attributed to CCW holders and open carriers combined are not significantly different from NY or NJ.
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