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What is often described as a "precribed burn" is in actuality a controlled burn. In order to be a Prescribed burn, there must be a burn plan (technically a burn prescription) that lists the area to be burned, the conditions acceptable (upper and lower humidity limits, wind speed and direction etc.) and the intended result. We have to fill them out for EVERY burn. Just burning does not provide the best result, nor does burning every year. If burning to establish and promote Native Warm Season Grasses its every 2-3 years after establishment depending upon conditions. We have intentionally burned when the humidity was high to create a mosaic burn, meaning not all of the area actually burned. Also small simple firelines can be made to prevent burning of non prescribed areas. You must always be prepared for the unexpected, when a sudden gust of wind sends some embers into an adjacent field you bette be ready to respond and know where and what you are doing. To burn properly takes some planning, if the timing and conditions are not within parameters you simply postpone it. Also if you have several areas close together don't burn them all the same year, you take away that escape cover from the wildlife. If burning an area with nearby homes or highways you better consider smoke management too, a poor ventilation that sends a heavy smoke cover over a major highway will usually earn you a visit from the county sheriff or highway patrol around here.
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