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DISCERN, the Sierra's mainly used were game kings. There were so many failures I dont know where to start. First it is a boat tail design, totally worthless in the hunting field. This design reduces friction grap on the jacket. Once the jacket and core seperate, penatration is dramatically reduced. Just one example as I dont want this to result in another, mines better than yours, debate. I shot a cow elk at @300 yards using a 338 Win Mag and 250 Sierra game kings. The shot took the elk in the neck. The elk dropped at the shot, as I was walking to it, she got up and started to run. A broadside lung shot put her down. Again she got up and another lung shot finished her. On skinning her the remains of the neck shot bullet was just schrapnel and had failed to break the neck. The 2 lung shots failed to even make a mark on the off side rib cage. They simply exploded after entry on wasnt capable of penatrating even the light lung tissue. Just a note of comparason, I shot a cow in the lungs with a 22 handgun and the bullet made it through both sides of the lung cavity and was recovered under the skin on the offside. These shots were taken over 20 years ago, maybe things have improved but from what I have seen of their design nothing has changed.
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