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I think he's correct

Though I believe as several have said, as man we tend to screw up what nature already has in place. However a natural burn on our little plot would be devastating.

We strip small sections by hand and allow the forest to produce in those areas. We also plant very small food plots of mixed grains, oat, grasses and red clover.

Are we screwing things up? I don't know but at least we are trying to do something.

What I have observed is these small areas seem to work well as staging areas for individual herds to graze prior to going to neighboring crop fields at night. I am also noticing more bedding areas in the Hemlock groves (that fire would surely destroy) that these mini meadows are planted near.

Some of the areas we leave alone produce huckleberries and tea berries as well as acorns that keep the turkey, bear and other critters happy.

In conclusion: In the short term our strategy appears to be benefiting the majority of wildlife on our property, not just the whitetails. By not encouraging a condensing of deer on our plot but enticing them to stop by and have a healthy snack on their way through.

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