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That was pretty interesting in a lot of aspects. That truck offered a lot of protection and cover.

The first question that came to mind was whether or not to just empty the handgun into the cab of the truck and maybe put down all of the passengers, or allow them to be used as human shields?

One gun? 4 guns? who knows?

One guy with a gun hiding behind 3 people in a vehicle creates for me a really hard scene to read. I'm still not sure if I'd have emptied a shotgun into the cab of that truck hoping to stop him from shooting. There were a lot of bullets through that rear window, so obviously, the people on the scene made the decision to treat them as combatants rather than hostages or bystanders.

That really was a scenario that called for combat shotguns.

If there was any single thing I'd fault those guys for, it would be that the first officer lost his gun, and that loose cannon just disappeared from the radar and was retrieved by the bad guy. Second, that bullhockey about getting trapped next to the barrier while the bag guy shot under it could have gotten that cop killed. The wheel wasn't cover. That was just poorly handled. They should have stayed back from the vehicle, IMO, until it was completely under control. they had no intel on what other weapons were on scene, and the people in the car could have had anything up to a full auto mac.

Glad that I wasn't part of it.
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