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It was great. We had a grand total of 16 shooters. (I think). The games were fun, I lost a ballon race, and got taken out in the first round of Last Man Standing (thanks a lot Meiji). Everyone was friendly, and I got to try out several guns that I have never shot before, including a Nova, a CDP, a Schofield (that was really fun), an M1a Scout, and an AK in 5.45. MiniZ, I'll have to bring a box of 12ga. next time to pay you back for all the shells I put through that Nova. Thanks to Bob for helping me get my scope sighted in, I couldn't hit a dang thing at first.

I'm really looking forward to the group pictures being posted. I'm going to set it as the background on my computer.

Blasting the electronics was great. I have been lugging that cast iron 1970s VCR around for years. It belonged to my wife when we got married, and she could just never part with it. They do not build them like that anymore! It took several rounds of .308 and .45 and it still looked like it would work!! Apparently it was built out of the same materials they use for presidential limos. My old Okidata blew straight to hell immediatly, but I think most of the folks concentrated on the monitor.

Thanks to everybody for the work that went into this, especially skyder for bringing the grill and scouting, and Bob West for the great target stands.

There weren't any killer grasshoppers this time, I think that they knew we would be ready for them. No ice tornados either.

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