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It checks out fine otherwise as far as i can tell.

It even ejects .38 cases easily, now that it has been thoroughly cleaned by my gunsmith.

It STILL will not eject .357 mag cases after firing. The first cylinder fired, you can push them out using the ejector rod with some effort. The SECOND cylinder fired, I can no longer push out the cases in the normal fashion, using my palm only, and have to use a hard object to push or strike against the end of the ejector rod to force out the casings. Yes I know to be careful with what material I have to use for that .

The .357 mag cases stick HARD, even after repeated cleaning by the gunsmith including use of a brass chamberbrush and drill. As stated earlier, I have now noticed scratch marks on the rear of the cylinder indicating previous owner(s) probably were prying cases out.

So it appears to me at this point there COULD be a dimensional problem with the chamber holes, although it could just be more extreme cleaning/polishing of the cylinder is required.

No other revolver I've ever owned, including several Tauruses, has been so problematic. None in fact, has had this problem at all, so it was a shock to pick up a nice-looking classic revolver and have it with a major functioning issue.

So I was wondering if there was a good way to quickly tell in the future if there is a problem with the cylinder chambers, as I did not spot that as part of your checklist ( though I could have missed it). I will DEFINITELY look for scratches on the back of the cylinder from now on!

Thanks for any help or advice on this.
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