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Discern said:
I am not for the burning. IMO, it would be much better for livestock to be allowed in the area to eat down the different vegetation than to burn the area.

Fire was the natural forest cleaner until man created smokey the bear, and started putting out every fire. After a few years of that the forest floor becomes flooded with vegitation that in a natural environment would be swept clean every few years.
The forest service tried to fix it by letting thinning contracts but it's an unnatural solution to a man made problem.
Then we get contolled burns, that strangly enough sometimes become uncontrolled.
God designed the forest well. It worked as it should. Man messed it up.
Let the natural fires do their work. That means a lot of wildfire fighters have to look for other work, but makes for a healthy forest and healthy game.
Win win in my opinion.

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