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The results are in!

The OP asked for opinions on the best all around .45 ACP powder. So I decided to count the times in this thread that a given powder was mentioned as a good choice. Here are the results from the above posts:

Powder Times mentioned
231 16
Bullseye 10
AA #5 6
Unique 5
Power Pistol 3
Universal 1
Universal Clays 1
Clays 2 (same as above?)
AA #2 1
Bluedot 1
HS-6 1
Tightgroup 1
AA #7 1
Red Dot 1

So, It appears that the majority of those who have posted an answer to the OP's question believe that 231 is the most versitile .45 ACP powder available! One of the Worlds' mysteries has been solved!
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