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maybe the reason why everyone has a 270 is because theyre a great caliber. I would love one of those flat shooters, maybe one day. I could see where youd be leary about using a gun that youd have to worry about richoshets but only if I hunted in a city where houses are everywhere. Cmon ? seriously coyote hunting? to me the 243 and 270 would be same here. I would take both incase if one has malfunctions but Id use which one I felt I was more accurate with. Personally I would try and find a 223 for this. They will reach out there, have plenty of knock down power and have little to none recoil which alot of people can shoot good for that reason and they cheap to shoot means you can practice more because the cost of ammo. Question is, which gun are you going to take??? Go have fun!
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