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works for us, may not work for you. Every gun is different.
I've been hearing this a long time, and I'm not so sure that I buy it anymore, in a practical sense. A good load is a good load and many many times, a load that shoots good in my gun will also shoot good in my other guns or someone elses gun.

If this (myth) is true then how can they sell Match ammo without people grumbling that they can't hit anything with the it? People whine over anything nowadays, and ammo is expensive. Where's the threads calling Federal Premium Match junk?

So many well known and established loads are used and referred, and again confirmed after trying it. For example;

44 Mag 245gr/8.5 Unique
44 Mag 245gr/19.0-20.0 2400
45Colt 255gr/8.5 Unique
45ACP 225gr/5.5 WW-231

These are well known loads and work great for me and for a lot of others. Perhaps the occasional gun has a quirk which makes it not like some ammo, but for most part, good ammo is good ammo.
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