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Yes they passed the committee, and not only that but they were reported favorably to the House.

It's not a surprise though - the Executive Committee is stacked by Mike Madigan - BTW people should be familiar with that name - it appears in Moore v Madigan and Shepard v Madigan - Lisa Madigan is Mike madigan's daughter.

Nepotism is the Chicago way. When Mayor Daley senior was once criticised by the press for nepotism he replied "If I don't take care of my kid, who else is gonna? Doesn't evryone take care of their kids?"

Anyway, Mike Madigan has the executive committee stacked with people like Eddie Acevedo, so it was no surprise it made it out of committee.

One interesting thing is that the Chairman decided not to read the slips. This is within the chairman's power to do so, but they are put into the record, according to the chairman "Reading of the witness statements is waived because it looks like the Springfield phone book".

I'm sure that 99% of those witness slips were oppossed to the legislation and it got the chairman's attention.
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