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I used to hunt a mountain in Maryland that seemed to burn off every few years. The next year it was lush and green and by the second year you really had to look hard to see evidence of a fire. The large tree were left O.K., but the smaller trees were damaged. If the leaves were deep enough the fire would cook the bark off the small trees. The fire went through so fast it left a lot of acorns exposed and the deer were in there at night while it was still burning. On the other side, there were a lot of box turtles there and even if hibernating I doubt they would make it. You could put your hand on the ground days later and feel the heat. The loamy peat kind of stuff burns under ground for days. It does improve a wooded area that is browsed down. One of the first things up is greenbriar and raspberries. Deer love to browse on that stuff.
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