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I'm not turning my house into a "bunker", Its too small, and the way it's laid out, there isn't the posibility of a hard "safe spot".

I'm not leaving loaded guns stashed around the house either. My grandkids stay here too much, though I'm not worried about them they have friends over all the time and I don't know them.

I live too far from town to expect help in a reasonable period of time, so alarms and "911" wont work (except to inform something is happening".

I have three dogs, two of which are Bassets, meaning they might let me know if something is a foot, but I can't expect them to do anything. If you know Bassets you know they just might sleep through the whole encounter.

If something needs done, I'll do it my self. I'll just depend on my pocket revolver, its handy with out being assessable to anyone else.

I live in a safe rural area, but I'm not so nieve that nothing could happen. Either critters or bandits.

I'm not turning my house into a prison.
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