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I always lock my door which has a deadbolt lock on it. But I do air the apartment out when the weather is nice. When I do I hope a would be intruder does not step into my apartment because when I air it out I am always facing the door armed with a S&W 625-5 Colt 45 Revolver, and
a CA Bulldog 44 Spl.

If he makes it in more than one step I think I can stop him. When I am
done airing my residence out, I lock one lock and a deadbolt lock again.
My neighbor's dog alerts me to anyone approaching. My daughter's nurse asked me if I had lock boxes when she was here, and when I informed her that I had a permit and wore my guns on me she seemed distressed.

This guy is lucky he was not injured or killed by the intruder, and very lucky that he was able to reach one of his guns before the intruder harmed him. Think of how much worse this guy's situation would have been if his gun he retrieved had been in a lock box. I doubt this intruder would have allowed him to retrieve it in that case.
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