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Lots of additional information over there

1. Mr. Lewis is an IRS official AND writer of three books.
2. The stolen laptop contained his fourth book.
3. His mother from KS contacted the landlord and assured him that she'd be happy to pay rent while her son was in jail.
4. The landlord did not inform Mr. Lewis that he still would be evicted.
5. The landlord evicted Mr. Lewis because of the charges against him that were pending at the time of his eviction.
6. His weapons have been returned.
7. He was able to return to work.
8. There is at least one lawsuit pending at this time (Lewis vs. landlord).

Please spread the news, consider to donate / send postcard [contact: pastor Scott; address see link below] and contact your representative if you're from Iowa ASAP!

I thought you might be interested in additional information and scenarios that were discussed over there without having to rehash them here. The thread below has been closed already after 75 replies and almost 2,500 views.

Please OP, I don't mean to hijack your thread / violate any forum rules , just trying to share background information. Feel free to contact me if that's not ok! Thank you very much!
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