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Not sure I get your point here. I'm not sure what ARs have to do with crimes perpetrated by LE. If they are going to go off the rails they can use any of the unlimited other guns they may have available. Using a rifle of any type is relatively rare in domestic violence, let alone so-called AWs.
Ah, M.P. I don't really disagree, but I'm living in the Peepul's Republik of Kalifornia which believes A.W.'s are too dangerous for civilians to own because -- depending on which anti-gun politician speaks -- A.W.'s are:
-- The weapon of choice for drive bys
-- The weapon of choice for gangbangers
-- Capable of shooting straight through un-reinforced cinder blocks
-- Completely unsuitable for any sporting use
-- Good only for killing people, not animals
-- Dangerous because of their "extreme rapid fire" capability.
-- Large caliber "Sniper" rifles can bring down an airliner with one shot.
-- Large caliber "Sniper" rifles can penetrate an armored vehicle from 1 mile
-- A large caliber, 20.5 pound, 46 inch long "sniper" rifle is the weapon of choice for terrorists

But as soon as that civilian puts on a blue "government employee" suit, he's more trustworthy with this kind of weapon than say, a 42 year old surgeon who's rifle has only pointed at paper targets at a rifle range.
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