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Can we have an argument.....??

Louann and I spent a couple of days this week in Tallahassee attending a Prescribed Fire for Wildlife class that was put on by the FWC, the Florida Forest Service, the Univ. of Florida and the Wildlife Society.

We had teachers/presenters/leaders from the FWC, the USFWS, the NWTF, the Forest Service and others.....all in all VERY interesting. is what we can all argue about......maybe.....

The FWC biologist who spoke on prescribed fire and how it benefited deer made a comment that stuck with me. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, that land managers would produce more and better deer for hunters if the time and money spent on corn was instead used simply for habitat improvement. He went further in that he suggested that by improving habitat, which included not just creating the physical environment deer need but also the more diverse range of plants for them to eat, the nutrition of the deer was better served.

There was more........but the idea that in the long run we as hunters would be better served by simply using our time and effort to improve the land instead of depositing corn and other feed was compelling. he right??
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