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W231/HP-38,AA#5,WSF,WST,N320,N340,N350,Power Pistol,HS-6,Sillhouette,AA#2,SR4756,Auto Comp,Longshot,SR7625,Bullseye,Unique,Blue Dot,and Universal are the best for 45 ACP. I probably forgot one or two though.

Unfortunately any powder "we" like or works for us, may not work for you. Every gun is different.

PS. when I started loading,I looked through several loading manuals,they almost always say what was their most accurate powder. I then picked what powders I wanted to try. That is how a person learns things. While yes,it is rude to complain, but just look back the last four pages,the answer IS in there five or six times. Lately it has been getting bad.

My $.02
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