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My Thoughts on reloader-1

For those of you that are looking for a generic A++++ bullcrap rating like they do on eBay, you're going to be disappointed. The watered down tactics of adding a bazillion pluses just doesn't do it for me. If you're TRULY serious about researching feedback on a member, read on.

Reloader-1 offered a Ruger Bearcat in this thread:

The entire transaction from start to finish was outstanding. He was patient dealing with me since I was in the middle of finishing up my rotation in Afghanistan. Internet and general communications were slow on my end. He made sure to stay in contact with me throughout the process.

Regarding the product itself: When reloader-1 told me how like-new the pistol's condition was, he wasn't kidding. Those of you that know how picky I am with my firearms knows I'm a tough customer. My wife and I (and our FFL dealer to boot) were simply amazed how right reloader-1 was. The Bearcat was flawless....FLAWLESS. As the thread stated, it was used, mind you.

This isn't a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" feedback post. I generated it on my own accord. If you're looking for an honest member that is very easy to deal with and you demand a firearm in the condition he states, then look no further.
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