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Jeez, how long do you have to live at a place in Utah before you establish "residency". He was there so long you can barely call him an intruder.

I don't think motion activated lights would accomplish much here. Outside the house are they really going to deter a guy who was comfortable enough to get nice and comfy and have lunch? Inside the house are they going to wake someone who isn't awakened when a complete stranger moves in?

My alarm won't work unless the doors are secured. So if I forget to lock I have no alarm.

A nice alert dog would seem like the failsafe that might've made a difference here. But if your dog is too alert you start to ignore him when he starts barking. My old dog would bark if my neighbor went out his front door across the street after dark. My wife's new dog won't bark unless someone comes in the bedroom. Then he even barks at me.
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