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My central Texas hay field is a mess. I'll be hooking up my tractor tiller this afternoon to go flatten out and reseed some of the many places the hogs have rooted up. As for killing them, I was doing pretty well shooting them but haven't seen any lately. It seems that where ever I find them on my place and shoot a few, they go somewhere else. Lately, I can't find a hog. That's good and that's bad. As for what to do with the dead ones, I'll put pig in the freezer when I get low on supply. When I have plenty of meat I'll just drag them to where I coyote hunt. I can get more coyotes over dead pigs than I can by calling them (which might tell you a little something about my calling skills). As much as I hate those feral pigs, I think I'd miss them if they left town forever. I'd have to go back to just shooting targets. Boring...
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