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1. Lock your gates if you have them.

2. Install and turn on motion sensitive lighting outside your house at all corners to provide 360 degree lighting.

3. Install security doors on all external doors and lock them with a good deadbolt.

4. Install a good sturdy chain lock too. Slows them down a bit.

5. Install alarms on all doors and windows. Arm the alarms at night when you go to bed.

6. Get a dog or two. Doesn't matter about size as long as they'll bark at strangers. During the day it'll be to announce someone's here. At night they're your early warning system. I prefer big dogs - at least the sight of a big dog barking and growling will deter some crooks. If the sight of them doesn't the attack that follows after the display of threat will deter most of them.

7. Those who get past all that will meet me with a 12ga. in my hands and my wife several paces behind me with the AR in her hands.

8. NO guns stashed in various places in the house. The only loaded guns in the house are where I can get to them from my bed. Put a loaded gun elsewhere in the house and you're basically setting yourself up to look down the barrel of your own gun(s).
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