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Thanks, Tom. Here are the parts that really caught my eye:

Originally Posted by Washington Times
Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Cathy Lanier asked the council to end the mandatory classes. She told The Washington Times that her department will instead provide a video online or at the registry office that covers gun safety and local laws. “I think it makes sense,” she explained. “We’ll be more consistent with what other jurisdictions do.”
Originally Posted by Washington Times
Councilman Jack Evans, Ward 2 Democrat, voted for the bill under political pressure. “Council member Mendelson called me last night and said, ‘This is what I believe we have to do in order to accommodate the concerns raised by Congress and, or, the courts,’ Mr. Evans told The Washington Times. “Although none of us like making it easier for someone to have a gun legally, we believe that this is what we have to do.”
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